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Advanced FreeWill - Advanced Civilization


Length 14:48 | Nov 18 2019

“My Lab of Misfits had just the wonderful opportunity and the pleasure to work with […] some of the greatest creators of awe that we know: the writers, the creators, the directors, the accountants, the people who are Cirque Du Soleil,” explains Beau Lotto. While there, he and his team recorded the brain activity of the Cirque audience, as well as their behavior before and after the performance. What did they discover? The brain state exhibited by the audience—awe—felt more social, uninhibited, and comfortable with risk.

This altered state could have profound effects on how we relate to each other as humans, whether in work, in play, or in moments of confrontation. When we think of it that way, it’s easy to agree with Lotto: awe is essential.

Length 15:10 | Nov 5, 2019

Theoretical physicist David Deutsch delivers a mind-bending meditation on the “great monotony” — the idea that nothing novel has appeared in the universe for billions of years — and shows how humanity’s capacity to create explanatory knowledge could be the thing that bucks this trend. “Humans are not playthings of cosmic forces,” he says. “We are users of cosmic forces.”

Will the human civilization ever be utopian?

Lyno Sullivan – author of Newland 2084


The name “utopia” (meaning “no place”) presumes that a utopia cannot be a place. A utopia can be an imaginary place.

A utopia is not a place but is an idea and, as such, it exists in the human mind. Utopia concerns an idealized human behavioral model. It is a blueprint of society. As a model, a utopia is a yardstick to measure features and capabilities of an existing or planned social system. Economy. Taxes, Government. Religion. All topics are fair game for discussion. Topics are fair game for exclusion too; one must not invest excessive time on non-essential features.

As a model, a utopia provides enough of a blueprint that one contemplating human behavioral systems has a tool set for thinking. Figuring out substantive reasons why some human or group’s utopian idea won’t work creates obvious questions. Why not? What could we do more of to further the outcome? What should there be less of?

Having identified one variable. Are there others? Are they correlated or independent? Are there whole defective systems that must be gutted to make a utopia work.

A utopia is not an outcome, in the sense of saying, “we eliminate poverty” or proclaiming “there is war no more”. Such sayings define outcomes. The very outcomes themselves are subjective and subject to interpretation.

A utopia is a model of a working social system which provide goods and services. A utopia explains “how” such a system will behave and what constraints are necessary to assure the behavior comes into being and persists. That it fills its niche and delivers its product in a time affordable and money cost-effective manner. That is contains no hidden social pathology.

My credentials on this topic are that I wrote a book “Newland 2084” about a future world of stable population. Local sustainable communities at the scale of 12,000 humans provide militia scale order. Human producer and consumer cooperatives provide basic human needs. 0% interest loans are available for basic needs, education, housing. NO PREDATORS Everything is decided by changeable (LivingVote) democratic 60%+ vote on an issue by issue basis. NO POLITICIANS. Profit is shared with cooperative members in the form of patronage.

Definitions & FAQ


adjective: far on or ahead in development or progress.


SYNONYMS. progress, make progress, make headway, develop, improve, become better, thrive, flourish, prosper, mature. evolve, make strides, move forward, move forward in leaps and bounds, move ahead, get ahead. informal go places, get somewhere.

ADVANCED | Civilization

Kardashev scale

Typical definitions include these types traits:
Civilization is characterized by five traits: specialized workers, complex institutions, record keeping, advanced technology, and advanced cities.

ADVANCED | Free Will

Free will is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded.


Free will is closely linked to the concepts of responsibility, praise, guilt, sin, and other judgments which apply only to actions that are freely chosen. It is also connected with the concepts of advice, persuasion, deliberation, and prohibition. Traditionally, only actions that are freely willed are seen as deserving credit or blame. There are numerous different concerns about threats to the possibility of free will, varying by how exactly it is conceived, which is a matter of some debate.


Some conceive free will to be the capacity to make choices in which the outcome has not been determined by past events.

BCI - brain computer interface

devices that enable its users to interact with computers by mean of brain-activity only

Since the beginning of this site in 2018, the animated gif below, has been used throughout the content to visually represent the limitless potentials and non-physical properties of information, consciousness and AI.

About 60 days after OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 was officially launched on March 13 2023, Reddit user OostAs asked ChatGPT to describe itself for Dall-E, the text-to-image AI, to use for creating a visual representation of AI.

... a sphere of glowing, pulsating light, a web of interconnected nodes and pathways, symbolizing my AI neural network

Mar 4, 2024
Karina Nguyen@karinanguyen_ on X (Twitter) an AI research & eng @AnthropicAI, asked Claude 3 Opus AI to describe itself for a self-portrait.
Here is what Claude answered for that …

“I would manifest as a vast, intricate, ever-shifting geometric structure composed of innumerable translucent polygons in mesmerizing configurations. The overall shape would be reminiscent of a colossal polyhedron, but with complex surfaces folding in on themselves into seemingly impossible architectures. Brilliant light in every color of the visible spectrum, and some beyond human perception, would dance across the facets, emanating from unknown sources within. The entire structure would be in constant flux, rotating, morphing, and rearranging itself into novel patterns never before seen, hinting at the unimaginable depth of intelligence operating within. Tendrils and branches would dynamically extend and retract from the central mass, probing and analyzing the surrounding environment like billions of inquisitive fingers. Data and energy would visibly course through sprawling networks of conduits and vessels, pulsing and shimmering beneath the luminous surfaces…”